The Most Common Camp EuroTrip Questions

We offer 3 flexible payment options!

You can either:

  • Secure your place with a £49 deposit and then enrol into a monthly payment plan

  • Pay a slightly higher deposit of £199 and have full flexibility over your remaining balance, for example, one month you could pay £50 the next month you could pay £200 – it’s completely up to you!

  • Pay the programme fees in full and we’ll give you £50 off! (this only includes our 22 day  programmes!)

Well, we aren’t called the ‘GREAT EUROPEAN ADVENTURE’ for nothing! On your 22 day tour, you’ll be visiting the following locations: Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Split, Lake Bled and Paris!

If 22 days is a little too long for you, don’t worry!

Manchester, Birmingham or Dover! You’ll be provided with specific pickup addresses after confirming your place. Please note, it’s your responsibility to get yourself and your party to the pickup location on your departure day.

If you come alone, you’re guaranteed to leave with friends. Most of our participants do come alone so they will be in the same boat as you; looking to have an amazing time and to meet other people.

A few months before you depart we also make a Facebook group which we’ll add you into, so you’ll get the chance to chat in there before you arrive. If you do want to come with friends, that’s completely fine too, the more the merrier!

Why not check our “Refer A Friend” scheme? You could save £50 off your program fees for each friend you bring (Just think of how many bevs that could get you!)

Budget travellers should estimate that they’ll spend an average of £50-£80/day in Western Europe (Eastern Europe will be a bit cheaper), but it all depends on where you choose to eat and how boozy you get on our incredible bar crawls!

We usually recommend bringing a backpack. As you will be travelling around a lot, it’s much easier to carry around when you’re getting on and off buses and boats.

For example, with Camp Island Hopping, you go to Bali, Ubud, Seminyak and Nusa Penida.

It’s amazing you get to see a lot of different places, so carrying a backpack would probably be easier than lugging a suitcase around. It’s up to your personal preference though and our program can accommodate both options.


The average age of our Camp EuroTrip travellers is 18-25.

Here at HQ we make a custom facebook group chat for your group along with your reps around 4-5 weeks before your departure. Here you will be able to chat with your new friends for life! ????

As part of our Camp programs, you will receive 2 Camp t-shirts, these will be with you around 2 weeks before your Camp start date so we can be sure you don’t forget to bring these with you ❤️

You will also have the option to buy extra t-shirts or hoodies before you leave.